Trump Administration Score Card to Date… and they’re just getting started

  • Feb. 14: legislation signed, ending the Surface Mining’s Stream Protection Rule which protected waterways from mining waste.
  • Feb. 15: Congressional Review Act signed, undoing a financial disclosure requirement for energy companies
  • March 2: EPA withdrew request for companies to provide detailed information on methane gas emissions
  • March 2: Department of the Interior eliminated ban on hunting with lead bullets on Federal lands
  • March 15: Bureau of Land Management withdrew rule requiring oil and gas companies to protect groundwater on Federal and Indian lands
  • May 8: Nine members of the EPA’s Scientific Review Board (18 members) were told they would not have their terms renewed. They were all scientist.
  • May 10: Department of the Interior suspended rule requiring the burning of unwanted methane on Federal and Indian lands

Executive Orders have been issued to “review” offshore drilling restrictions, mining and drilling restrictions on Federal lands, as well as examining reversal of recently named National Monuments’ lands.

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