The Arctic will never be the same, or the planet

Sea ice is disappearing, more seawater exposed, melting more ice.  Permafrost is melting, releasing more carbon dioxide and, worse, methane. As a result of warming air, the northern jet stream is more erratic, resulting in more exaggerated oscillations leading to blizzards and heat waves in unexpected places at unexpected times.  Ocean currents will slow, impacting currents worldwide.  And then there is the ice cap (sheet ice) of Greenland: the ice loss is accelerating.  Ten percent of the world’s fresh water is stored there.  More aggressive melting will almost certainly assure sea level rise beyond current forecasts.  These are all things that, at this point, cannot be undone because of feedback loops.

Source:  Skating on Thin Ice, The Economist, page 16, April 29th, 2017